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The Art Of | Dress Your Table For Spring

Dress Your Table For Spring

Helen Archard

Helen Archard



What should a spring table look like? Bright and clean or rustic and cool the choice is entirely down to you. Whatever you choose, it is important to have a theme running throughout. To make your table fresh, use flowers that bloom in spring, choose foliage according to what’s in season and align colours through your decoration. Here is how to dress up your dinner table for springtime soirees.


Mint Velvet Spring Table


There is something so lovely about bringing the outside in and adding nature into elements of your table decoration is the perfect way to do so. A centrepiece is the most important thing on your spring table (other than the food of course). To keep in line with the rustic theme why not use a wooden planter box as the table focal point.  You could buy a planter or follow this easy guide to make your own.

Glass bottles can be bought from almost anywhere like these from Hobby Craft however you could use glass jars, or recycle old glass drinks bottles. For the arrangements inside the bottles, use any leftover flowers and foliage, just like we have from the Spring Wreath. The centerpiece is so easy to maintain, totally customisable for each season and the element of wood adds so much warmth to the table.  Or if you’d like the centerpiece to be more holiday focused, gather Pussy Willow into a vase and dress with painted eggs.


Egg decorations


Table decorations


make a bunny napkin

Spring is not spring without a bunny or two. For an element of Easter, Bunny shaped napkins are perfect. Have your guests cooing at this playful table wear accessory.


Bunny Napkin


For this to work best, the napkin should be large and square. It can be paper or cloth, but shouldn’t be limp, so cloth may need to be starched lightly. Ensure that the cloth is crease-free too.


How to make a napkin bunny


1. Place the napkin down on a work surface, opened out to its full square.
2. Fold the napkin in half. Bring the top edge to the bottom edge.
3. Repeat the fold again, bringing the top edge to the bottom edge.
4. Bring each side to meet in the middle and fold down.
5. Fold the bottom right corner to the middle crease.
6. Fold the right side in half. This brings the right side to the center, forming an ear.
7. Repeat with the left side.
8. Fold the pointed triangle at the top down behind.
9. Slip the right top point into the pocket on the left.
10. Turn the napkin over.
11. Gently tease the fabric to create a napkin bunny! Add some dried flowers and place on display.


Print these instructions


Napkin Bunny Mint Velvet


With your table all but finished, it’s time to focus on the food! Discover our Pinterest board full of spring recipes. An abundance of our favourite lighter dishes for brighter days.

  Discover our Spring Recipes on Pinterest

Now you have your perfect spring table dressed, enjoy!

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