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The Art Of FOF BOC


by Marissa Whittle

Author - Marissa Whittle

Unlike anything we have heard, the FOF BOC… as odd as it may sound, is an exceptional method to gather your thoughts and feel grounded.

Caroline Goyder, leading voice coach and keynote speaker with over 15 years experience providing voice and gravitas training to celebrities and broadcasters alike, sat down with us to explain more.

Feet on the Floor Bum On Seats

What is FOF BOC?

The FOFBOC exercise literally helps you keep your feet on the ground.

It stands for Feet On Floor Bum On Chair and it’s easy to do:

  1. As you sit, feel your weight.
  2. Notice that you are safe and supported.
  3. Be aware of the places you feel pressure.
  4. Imagine that you can draw energy from the ground through your feet. Feel grounded.
  5. Noticing the gentle expansion and contraction of your breathing.

This exercise is something you can do whenever you have a quiet moment. If you can do it for five minutes that’s great.

Now we are embodied, how do we then have Gravitas at work?

Women struggle with the idea of being the ‘difficult’ one in the room.

Remember these four principles:

  • Speak out about a common purpose. Be in service to something bigger than you.
  • Be very clear who you are speaking for and to.
  • Let go of needing to be liked, focus on getting the job done.
  • For an instant authority boost, consciously speak in a slow, calm, concise way. When you’ve said enough, pause and close your mouth. Let others fill the silence.


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