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The Art of | Lemonade


by Catherine Philips

Author- Catherine Phipps

Catherine Phipps, Guardian food columnist, author and freelance food writer, celebrates all things sweet and sour in her latest book Citrus, joining us with three mouth wateringly delicious recipes you’ll fall in love with.

So, from lemonade inspired barley water to the classic with a twist, it’s time to get out your sunglasses and head outside, drink in hand.



Super quick to make, this recipe works just as well with limes or even a combination of lemons and limes – the limes will add an indulgent sherbety element to the flavour.

Garnish with citrus slices, cucumber slices and mint leaves, and, if the occasion calls, add in a slug of vodka, gin, or if using limes, rum.


4 lemons (or 6 limes, or 3 lemons and 2 limes)
100–150g caster sugar, to taste
1 litre water, or a mixture of water and sparkling water

1.Roughly chop half the citrus and put in a food processor.

2.Finely grate the zest and squeeze the juice of the remaining fruit.

3.Add to the food processor with the sugar (go for the lower quantity if you prefer it sharp, more if you have a sweet tooth) and 240ml of the water and blitz until everything is nicely chopped.

Strain through a sieve into a large jug with plenty of ice, and top with the remaining water or sparkling water. Add more sugar to taste, if needed.


Another CITRUS inspired recipe, Catherine Phipps does delicious and nutritious barley water the lemonade way. This is great for a mid afternoon refresh on a hot summer’s day.


50g pearl barley (barley)
Pared zest of 1 lemon or orange
500ml boiling water
1 tbsp runny honey or sugar

Makes about 500ml

1.Wash the barley, then put in a saucepan with the pared zest.

2.Cover with cold water, bring to the boil and boil for 3 minutes – this will help remove any bitterness from both the barley and the zest.

3.Strain and put the barley and zest into a jug.

4.Cover with the boiling water, then stir in the honey or sugar until dissolved.

5.Leave to infuse until the water has cooled down, then strain, discarding the barley and zest

Keep in the refrigerator and serve with plenty of ice



Fancy something with a bit more of a punch? Then this delicious citrusy recipe is for you.

Wherever you find limes growing abundantly, you will find drinks that happily couple them with the local spirit: in the Caribbean we have the Ti’Punch, made with the local rhum agricole; in Brazil cachaça mixes with muddled limes and mint for caipirinha; Peru, the same drink is made with pisco.

My personal favourite? A simple, long rum punch – easy to make, easy to drink.


100ml lime juice
200ml sugar syrup
300ml white or golden rum (not a dark one; you want caramel, not molasses)
200ml sour orange juice mixed with 200ml water or sweet orange juice

Serves 8

1.Mix together the lime juice, sugar syrup, rum and sour orange juice and water mixture.

2.Chill well

3.Fill highball glasses with ice and lime slices, then pour over the punch mixture.


Citrus: Recipes that Celebrate the Sour and the Sweet by Catherine Phipps (Quadrille, £20)

Photography © Mowie Kay

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