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The Art of Packing


by Theodora Beckett

Author- Theo Beckett

We can dress ourselves competently all year round, but when it comes to our holiday wardrobe most of us fall at the first hurdle (packing, that is).

To avoid that familiar feeling of arriving at our dream destination with a bag full of clothes that we only ever wear on holiday (and probably haven’t been tried on for a year), far too many shoes, and nothing that matches, we’ve put together a suitcase of top tips and simple tricks to packing like a pro this season.


 There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a night on the tiles to discover that you don’t have the right shoes for that dress. Think about the sorts of things you’ll be doing on your holiday and pull out outfits that work for each activity. Working in tonal colours means you can cross match items to more looks with fewer items.

 If you’re heading somewhere warm 2 light-ish layers should suffice. We suggest a tonal jacket and knit: you can wear these together should the weather take an unexpected turn.

 Lay everything out, and then edit down; you can probably eliminate half of what you’ve pulled out. Double duty items, like a shirt dress which can be worn over a bikini on the beach, or with sky high heels for a night out are a great way of keeping your overall number of choices down.

Ivory Woven Front Vest
Ivory Pocket Safari Jacket
Khaki Tie Short


 Shoes – why do we always pack so many? A casual day shoe and a smarter pair, which can be dressed up or down (wedges are great for this), should see you through. By wearing your heaviest pair on the plane, you’ll save on that precious weight allowance too. Wrap shoes in plastic so that any dirty soles don’t ruin clean clothes.

 With the airlines clamping down on weight allowances, jeans are just too heavy to pack in the case. So, providing your flight isn’t too long, try to wear these on route. The chances are you won’t get around to wearing them when you’re away.


 Before putting things into the case, neatly stack everything together. Small wrinkle resistant items can be rolled and lined along the base of the bag. Stiffer or wrinkle prone garments can be folded over rolled clothes. Keeping them on hangers in plastic can further reduce the chances of them creasing, and means you can hang them straight up on arrival.

Black Georgette Duster Jacket
Steph Blush Stud Eyelet Wedge
Black Strappy Jumpsuit
Silver Tone Chunky Pendant


 We’re all guilty of saving things “for best”, but when do we wear them? Instead of packing the fail safe vests and shorts (that may have seen better days), bring some of those special items you’ve been saving. You can still do casual (the relaxed glamour way), just without the scruffy.

 And, pack a pretty dress.  Unlike your jeans, you are more than likely going to need this when you’re away. Just make sure you’ve brought the right underwear to go with it.

Alex Grey Rucksack
Ink Lace Dress
Lakewood Petal Zip Skinny Jean
Cleo Grey Peep Toe Espadrille

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