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The Art of Saying Yes

Saying Yes!

by Marissa-Jade Whittle

Marissa Whittle Mint Velvet

With the end of these summer days, and the onset of the autumn, September is a great time to take stock of how we are feeling about our life, whether that be work, home, relationships and health.

Art Of Saying Yes

For this we think September is the perfect time to reset and refocus, so why not SAY YES (not to the things you feel you HAVE to do, but those you WANT to do); those trips you planned but never got to, that pile of books you never got to read because of work commitments, those fitness classes you long to enjoy, those dinner dates you turned down and that dish you earmarked to cook.

This is your clean slate and it’s filled with opportunity….


Podcast Commutes




Taking in how beautiful the season is



Last minute city escapes




Eating Seasonally



Go Mobile Free




A Book a month



Pooch Holidays




Shopping all our new arrivals



So why not say YES! YES to all you want, all you can be, all that makes you happy and truly fulfilled.

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