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The Art Of | Spring Wreaths

Spring Wreaths

Not just for Christmas, a wreath can be customised for any season to dress up your interior. Follow our easy steps to make your home Spring ready:


Spring Wreath Finished Product


What you will need


Spring Wreath Halfway



1. Plug in your glue gun and let it heat up.

2. Cut the flowers to size and place them on the embroidery hoop, layering up different sizes, leaves and flowers.


Spring Wreath Gluing


3. Once you have your design, use the glue gun to stick down each flower.

4. After each layer pick the hoop up to make sure the arrangement is secure, this will help you see how the flowers fall and if you need to add any more.

5. Keep adding branches, flowers and leaves until you are happy.


Wreath flower close-up


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