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The Art Of | Taking Photos

Taking Photos

Julia Rebaudo

Julia Rebaudo



These days Instagram is pretty much dominating the photography field – whether you’re a casual just-for-fun snapper or serious photographer. Here are a few pointers on how to get your holiday photos up to scratch…



Whether you’re using a camera or smartphone, your best bet is to make use of the best light available. If indoors, shoot next to the window where you’ll get lovely, diffused light. If outdoors in bright sunny midday conditions, look for the shade if you’re shooting objects or people, or else they can be over exposed, otherwise take full advantage of early morning and end of day when the light is much softer and can really bring colours alive.

For inspiration, see hashtags: #lookforthelight #lightandshadow #shadowplay #chasinglight


Cooking pot with creative lighting



Shots taken from above are a real Instagram favourite and the key to getting this right is to have your camera lens as directly level above your subject as possible. If you’re shooting food or cups on a table, then standing on a chair can help! Also don’t be afraid to rearrange items for better visual impact – align cutlery, get rid of crumpled napkins or phones.

For inspiration, see hashtags: #onthetable #todaymycoffee #stylemycoffee #fromabove


Feet in the sand



Sometimes a well-chosen detail can convey mood and sense of what’s happening just as well as a big landscape shot. Keep your eyes open and search for things that capture your imagination. This can range from a weatherworn paddle found on the beach, unusual outdoor showerheads and eye-catching tiles to a distressed door or pretty wildflowers.

If shooting a selfie, take things one step further and use a tripod to set up your shot. This way you can take advantage of a great wall if you come across one and just jump into shot after setting the self-timer!

For inspiration, see hashtags: #prettydoortraits #ihavethisthingwithfloors #nothingisordinary


Detailed shots



When you are shooting sea, beach, mountain or city views, the rule of thirds can take a shot from being a bit ordinary to something much more visually striking. Divide your screen into thirds any which way. One part water, two parts sky. Or one part mountain, one part ocean, one part beach. Switch on your grid to help you divide your picture up.

For inspiration, see hashtags: #ruleofthirds





The real key to making your Instagram gallery work is to create a unified and coherent grid. You want to decide on a look for all your photos. Do you like bright and colourful photos or faded and moody? Experiment with editing in apps like VCSO or Snapseed and, once you’ve decided on your page aesthetic, apply it to all your photos to bring them in line with each other.

For inspiration, see hashtags: #vscogrid #vscojournal





Take as many photos as you can, not only will this increase the chance of you capturing that very special moment but it means you’ll remember everything. Don’t forget to print your precious memories to show your summer soriées to your nearest and dearest. We’ve partnered with Cheerz the photo printing experts, to give you a special discount code, simply use MINT30 at the Cheerz checkout. Ts&Cs apply.


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