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The Art Of | Tea Making

Tea Making

With hygge season upon us, endless cups of warming teas are our favourite way to keep cosy. We enlisted the expertise of Heaps & Stacks  and Good & Proper Tea to show us the art of brewing the perfect cuppa…

Here are their top tea tips:

1. Make sure you have a good, whole leaf – this will ensure you get the full complexity of flavours and body whilst brewing.

2. Good water – filtered water is best and ideal to ensure you get a nice smooth cup of tea.

3. Brew time – the amount of time your leaf is in contact with the water will determine how fully extracted the flavour is. The optimum time depends on the blend but should be enough for the leaves to unfurl.

4. Loose leaves – brewing loose tea leaves is the best way to ensure your tea can brew fully.

5. Too long / too much leaf = astringent cup of tea.
Not enough time / not enough leaf = pale and weak tea.



STEP ONE: Choose your blend and measure out your tea leaves into an infuser. Typically, 3g (one heaped tsp) per cup.

STEP TWO: Boil your filtered water. Just boiled is fine for black and herbal teas whilst green teas are best when the kettle is left to cool slightly for a minute.

STEP THREE: Pour the water over the leaves and start your brew time of 3 minutes allowing leaves to move around and infuse the water with flavour.

STEP FOUR: Remove the infuser from the pot or cup.

STEP FIVE: Pour your perfectly brewed cup of tea! Add milk and / or honey as preferred.

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