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UK Charity Registered Number: 1115109


Twenty-five years ago, Women for Women International helped deliver the first batch of sponsor letters to Bosnian women trapped during the siege of Sarajevo, enduring daily shelling and sniper attacks. Smuggled into the city via a secret tunnel, these messages of sisterhood were an emotional lifeline and connection to the outside world.

Since then, over 930,000 letters of support have been exchanged between people like you and women survivors of conflict around the world. Letters that say: you are not alone.


Photo credit: Women for Women International


A show of solidarity

For International Women’s Day 2018, we asked our supporters to send a #MessageToMySister – just a few simple words to express solidarity and support for women living in the some of the world’s most dangerous places.

The response was incredible – we received over 1,200 messages from supporters in 61 countries! The messages were thoughtful, heartfelt, and highlighted the ethos of our work: that there is so much more that connects us than divides us. The message written by our Patron, Dame Helen Mirren, captures this perfectly:

“Please know that you are never alone. You are not forgotten. There are men and women all over the world who share your hopes for a more peaceful future.”


Photo credit: Sefa Nkansa


Get involved with #MessageToMySister for International Women’s Day 2019 

For International Women’s Day this year, we are asking all of you to join us in sending a #MessageToMySister to a woman survivor of war: a few words of hope, friendship, and sisterhood. For a woman who has experienced the worst of humanity, it will show her that she is not alone or forgotten.

The Women for Women International team will translate and hand-deliver each of your messages to a participant in their year-long training programme. Your words will travel a long way and make a personal connection with someone you will never meet – a woman facing the unimaginable.

These messages can be a profound source of strength, reassurance and hope – we know this because we’ve heard it in the participants’ own words. Hajrie from Kosovo wanted to tell the supporter who wrote to her: “Thank you for your letter. I am on the way to success as you have encouraged. I will not stop.” Elizabeth from Nigeria said: “I am so glad to receive a card from you. I have learnt so much from the programme. I am encouraged to live on.”

Join us by sending your #MessageToMySister today and tell a woman survivor of war she’s got a friend she has never met, on the other side of the world. Someone who shares her hopes and believes in her abilities to rebuild her life, and give her children a brighter future. You can help us spread the word even further by sharing your message on social media tagging @womenforwomenuk and using #MessageToMySister.

Let’s celebrate the power of the global sisterhood this International Women’s Day!




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