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We are Denim | Freddy Harrel

Freddie Harrel

Meet Freddie Harrel the vivacious business woman, lover of ankle-grazers and all things vintage.
She tells us the lengths her jeans have gone too.



“I love how comfy they are, they really hug you in the right places, and give you this lovely silhouette.”

What pair of jeans could you not part with and why?
I’ve had this pair of mom jeans for almost 4 years now, it’s been so long that they fit perfectly and look tailor-made! I can never get rid of them!

I have this pair of vintage denim shorts that have followed me everywhere, from Bali to Thailand, without forgetting the Isle of Wight.”

How do you dress up and down your jeans?
I love an ankle grazer because you can dress it up with a pair of heels and it’s a quick killer look. I’m a massive trainers fan so that’s how I’d dress them down.

Do you think stereotypes of denim are still present?
I don’t think so! I wouldn’t be shocked if someone showed up to a date or an interview in denim, and I would definitely do it too!


Black Denim


Do you have any tips for how to try on jeans?
Always look at the wash on the legs, you don’t want it too strong or bleached. The ankle area matters a lot too, if they’re too long and don’t look good rolled up, you should get a hem. Other than that, I’m very live and let live with jeans.

“A good pair will always age well.”

When buying jeans what do you look for – fit, wash or details?
I love a mid-dark wash, although I love a light-one too but they’re hard to find. 90% of the time I go for a high-waist and ankle grazer.


Blue Denim


What would you tell your younger self about authenticity?
Don’t blend yourself to please other people, it gets uncomfortable very quickly.

Stuck on an island with only a choice of three items what would you bring?
1.  My phone (but it would need to have unlimited battery and WiFi) because it has everything; photos, messages, memories, Netflix, etc.
2.  A mini fridge stocked up with Bounties, Oreo Cornettos, Gin and Tonic
3.  A glass for the G&Ts

“Find yourself a tribe and don’t feel like you have to do it all by yourself”

Tell us about your new business venture…
I had just launched Big Hair No Care. I absolutely love a huge afro, I’ve never been happy with the synthetic options you find on the high street. Every decision is a challenge really. It’s hard to find the right people to work with, they could either make or break your business, so for me hiring and deciding what help I really need is the most challenging part.


DENIM ICON – Lou Doillon and Alexa Chung.
AUTUMN DENIM STYLING – High-waist with embroideries and layered.
BINGE WATCHING – Jane the virgin, Being Mary Jane, How to get away with murder, Suits.
ESSENTIALS FOR AUTUMN – Vintage leather jacket, embroidered boots and lots of burnt orange.


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