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We are Women Fashion Week

Fashion Week

By Victoria Adamson

Victoria Adamson

We’re in the midst of fashion month and, whilst the focus is on the shows and trends, we’re also devotedly captivated by who’s wearing what off the runway. It’s through the lenses of photographers, bloggers and the press that we get taken on an International tour behind-the-scenes and given exclusive insight into the busy and beautiful world of fashion week.

Travelling across the fashion capitals, at the forefront of the photography crowd, Victoria Adamson captures the stand out street style for some of the industry’s leading publications. We caught up with her to find out.

Victoria Adamson
What embodies good street style to you?

I like to see outfits that you know are a person’s true style.  To be honest, shooting street style out of season is much better for finding true unique style. I try and capture beautiful style and movement and I love small details.


Which is your favourite fashion week and why?

New York is my favourite city to shoot for purely photography reasons as the lighting is just incredible there. The reflective bounce light is just so fantastic; you just don’t get that in the other cities. Milan is my second favourite but that is mainly for the wonderful food.


Which women inspire you in the world of fashion/photography?

My favourite photographer has always been Sarah Moon. I used to experiment with styles likes hers when I was at university – I would love to dedicate the time to creating street style with the aesthetic she has. I think that would be a beautiful thing to do.

Fashion Week Photos 1
Fashion Week Photos 2
How do you find working in such a competitive industry?

I find the industry very competitive but that is what makes you better at what you do – it keeps you on your toes and always trying to improve to stay on top of the competition! There is always someone biting your heels trying to take your place so it is important to work hard but also to network hard too – getting contacts is equally important as having talent.


What is the most positive thing about fashion month?

The most positive thing about fashion month for me personally is that I get to spend a month with some of the most talented image-makers around.  I have shot fashion month for just over nine years so some very strong friendships have been made along the way. The first day back at fashion month is always a little like the first day back at school.


If you’re having an off day – what do you do to give yourself a mood boost?

If I am having an off day I try to take my stress level down a notch by giving myself the task of just focusing on great details. This tends to get my focus back and from that I can achieve my full length shots. Sometimes you just have to ‘take five’ and let your eyes rest, there is so much flying past you at fashion week that you just can’t catch it all.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice I have been given was and always has been – ‘You are only ever as good as your last job’ this is such an important piece of advice for anyone in our industry, you should never get complacent about what you do and I believe you should always be just a bit nervous before every job! It shows you care.



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