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We Are Women | Not Such A Model Mum

Not Such A Model Mum

Meet Jessica Arora & Caroline Barton; mums, friends and models, currently living in London & Barcelona and running the successful Not Such A Model Mum fashion and lifestyle blog with friendship at its heart.
On shoot in Barcelona we caught up with the two friends to find out how they juggle it all, what they are wearing this party season, and how to unwind the hygge way.


What does Relaxed Glamour for the party season mean to you?

Caroline: Relaxed glamour for me means easy key pieces that I can wear for more than just one occasion. It doesn’t have to scream “look at me” but more, “I’m quietly confident”, and can look great in any situation. From dinner and drinks straight from work, or an evening at a great bar and a special night out at the theatre- whatever the setting I want to feel comfortable and chic.

Jessica: “Relaxed glamour“ is a timeless, easy going look that has a bit of decadence, whether in the form of a statement earring, necklace or a sumptuous fabric. It’s all about feeling beautiful and effortless. Relaxed glamour means calling on the classic wardrobe staples in our wardrobe- a skinny jean, a tailored jacket, a lacy top. These are hardworking pieces that will fit in any wardrobe.

How do you build your outfits generally, is there a key item (bag, shoes, blouse) that you build the rest around?

Caroline: I like to choose one piece I can wear time and time again. Alternating with different colours or styles enabling me to gain as many looks out of one key piece. It all depends on what I see and fall in love with. Plus, the price tag! I have to be able to justify the cost of something and gain as many options as possible. This always tends to be outerwear or accessories.

Jessica: I love a good accessory and love to build an outfit around a great pair of earrings or necklace. If I am feeling tired, a bit of sparkle always serves to wake me up! Otherwise, I love a blouse and have lots in different colours and prints…


Caroline & Jessica
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What is your number one rule for party dressing this season?

Caroline: Have fun in what you wear and make sure you wear something that makes you feel amazing!

Jessica: Comfortable shoes that you can wear all night. There is nothing worse than getting glammed up, only to hobble home after a night of fun in uncomfortable shoes! The tie heel shoes are so comfy! And if I am comfortable, then I feel good. If you feel great, then everything else falls into place.

How do you balance being a mum and business woman?

Caroline: I’m still learning the answer to this question!

Jessica: I take it day by day; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and I try not to beat myself up about it.

What are your top dressing tips for the busy working mum?

Caroline: It’s important more than ever to make an effort with what you wear. No matter if you had a bad night with the baby screaming the house down and keeping you up all night. Make the time, make yourself count. If you don’t, nobody else will.

Jessica: That’s so true! When my kids are finally in bed and I know I have a big day ahead of me, I like to plan my outfit for the next day. I know that sounds weird, but it makes me feel a bit in control, and makes me feel good.

What is the key to a long and fulfilling friendship?

Caroline: Fun, laughter, tears, forgiveness and history. Oh and a bottle of wine or two!

Jessica: Honesty, trust and being there for each other in not only the good times, but also the bad.

How would you describe each other’s personality?

Caroline: Bossy, loyal and kind.

Jessica: Caring, hilarious and loyal.


Hygge Outfits
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Would you say your friendship has influenced your dress sense?

Caroline: I’ve known Jess a long time and I have seen a few fashion moments, or experimentation periods, that Madonna would be proud of! I would say her personal style now is the best so far; timeless yet bold.

Jessica: Caroline has a unique sense of style and a way of putting outfits together that suit her innate style down to a T. She loves colour whilst I could live in blacks and greys and, and Caroline loves a floral print. Her love of odd hats is something I will never understand, but I guess she would say the same thing about my love of skulls!!

How do you Hygge?

Caroline: My life if hectic from the moment I wake up until the kids have gone to bed. After which I then settle down to working on our blog. My contentment comes in the form of simple pleasures. A cosy pair of slippers and a cuppa can work wonders!

Jessica: Yoga yoga yoga. That’s my Hygge. That, and a good coffee, a Sunday roast, and the Sunday papers. My goodness that makes me sound middle aged!

What pieces of the Hygge collection did you love?

Caroline: The cosy cashmere trousers and hooded jumper! For me it is a little luxury all for yourself. I’ve realised the older I get I love to wear certain fabrics that perhaps cost more but give me great pleasure when wearing them. Plus, I will keep and wear for longer.

Jessica: It’s the details of the cashmere hoodie that I love – the thumb insert on the sleeves makes this hoodie so unique and fun. It also makes me feel cosy and warm. The slippers are also super – in fact we were actually trying to find a day outfit to wear them with!

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