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We Are Women | Style Me Sunday

Style Me Sunday

Sian Pilkington

Sian Pilkington



We sat down with former midwife, fashionista and mum of two, Natalie Lee from Style Me Sunday, and her girls Autumn and Alexa, to discuss motherhood and our new children’s range, Mintie.


Style Me Sunday Mint Velvet


What inspired you to create Style Me Sunday?

I created it when I was pregnant with my second daughter, about 6 years ago. It was somewhere I could be creative and that prevented my mind from going numb due to all the baby chat. But now it has really evolved into something more than that, and I talk a lot about really important issues that mean a lot to me in the hope I inspire others.

What’s the best thing about being you?

Alexa: That I’m unique, and that I’m different to other people so we’re not all the same, that would be boring.

Tell us about your warrior woman project – what does a warrior women mean to you?

A warrior woman is feeling comfortable in my own skin, to stop wishing that I was something or someone else. It’s about being honest – it’s ok to be vulnerable and it’s ok to have issues – just remember to speak. Warrior women is trying to help others to be brave and step out their comfort zones, and to be the best person that they can be.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Autumn: Flying!
Alexa: Can I have two powers? Being able to teleport and be invisible. Oh, and flying.

How do you balance a career and being a mum?

I’m constantly trying to sort out childcare, my job can be so different every day and lots of stuff can come in last minute so it’s a constant juggling act. However, I’ve got a really good support system; my amazing parents and trusty assistant.


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Did motherhood impact your style at all and how did you adapt to it?

I definitely go for shoes that are really easy to put on – I don’t have time to sit down and do laces. I rocked up in my flip flops today because they’re just by the door! Definitely easy clothes to put on, comfortable clothes, but I like dressing up too.

What’s the best thing about motherhood?

First thing in the morning they bundle into my bed and we have lots of cuddles and we try and delay getting up for as long as possible. The snooze button gets pressed about a thousand times.

“The thing I struggle most with is not having any alone time, not being able to go to the toilet on my own”

What advice would you give to your daughters?

To live in the moment, to really appreciate what you have around you, to be nice to people and to do something you really love. When they enter the world of work I want them to do something that they are really passionate about because I followed my heart and it’s worked out quite well.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

Autumn: I want to be an artist, because I have drawn all my life. I do nothing but draw. I want to be a vet too, I want to be an artist and work at a vets. I want to draw pictures of the animals and the owners will then get it at the end.
Alexa: I’ve got a list – I want to inspire people to be themselves, and also I’m going to be a singer, an actress, a vet and I’m going to have lots of animals.


Style Me Sunday


“The best thing about my mum is she’s really pretty, generous and super cuddly”


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