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We Are Women Podcast

The Art of Change

by Viv Groskop

Author-Viv Groskop

We’re pleased to introduce the new We Are Women Podcast, launching in celebration of International Women’s Day 2017. Presenter Viv Groskop has joined up with Mariella Frostrup, Lucy Porter, Polly Vernon and Lucy Maddox to talk about the joys, frustrations, challenges and triumphs of being a woman, plus how they embrace change.

We Are Women

So, in Viv’s very own words, it’s time to step away from your to-do lists and take some time out to just listen….


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Here’s what we’ve learnt from the first We Are Women podcast…

Change is empowering.

Every item in your wardrobe can tell a story.

Lucy Maddox recommends motivational interviewing to approach change.

Lucy Porter has the highest ever Celebrity Mastermind score.

Polly Vernon used a great wardrobe to support her through a combative book tour.

Mariella has a hot husband.

Viv wants to steal Mariella’s hot husband.




Viv Groskop

Viv Groskop 
Writer, Broadcaster & Comedian

The host of our podcast is top writer, broadcaster, comedian and agony aunt, Viv Groskop who takes us on the journey through the topic of change for this year’s International Women’s Day.

“Clothes are about self-expression and identity and mood and armour as much as they are about cut and thread and cloth and label.”

Lucy Porter

Lucy Porter
Comedian & Writer

A commended comedian and writer, Lucy Porter reflects on the importance of self-confidence, female friendship and re-discovering the desire for change.


“I’ve decided that it’s time to be unashamedly fabulous, beautiful, brilliant and wonderful”

Polly Vernon

Polly Vernon
Journalist & Author of ‘Hot Feminist’

Feminist, author and journalist Polly Vernon takes us through her enviable wardrobe to discuss the sartorial expression of identity and opinion.


“Clothes matter enormously for me – an opportunity for creativity & an opportunity to reaffirm my identity”


Lucy Maddox

Lucy Maddox

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Writer and woman behind the blog Psychology Magpie.

Bringing her expertise to our hot topic, Lucy Maddox investigates the psychology of change and offers tips and tricks of how to develop habits and core values.


“It’s important we don’t get too caught up in thinking of behaviours being good or bad – life and humans are so much more complex than that.”


Mariella Frostrup

Mariella Frostrup
Journalist, TV and Radio Presenter. The Observer’s Agony Aunt, Co-presenter BBC Big Arts Challenge.

The woman behind The Observer’s ‘Dear Mariella’ advice column and a frequent face on TV and radio, Mariella Frostrup discusses change and the value that lies in always being open to re-invention and transformation.

“It’s incredibly important at every point in your life to be open to the idea of change and the idea of reinvention – even if you don’t do it just to think you might is quite a comfort.”

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