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Kat Farmer

Kat Farmer does Denim

When it comes to all things denim, Kat Farmer definitely knows her stuff. Fashion blogger, influencer and hilarious Instagram story rambler, she is the well-known name behind @doesmybumlook40 (note: it definitely doesn’t), and manages to look effortless in whatever she chooses to wear.

We caught up with the glamorous Kat to discuss all things denim.


Kat Farmer First Outfit


How do you think denim has evolved over the years?

The rulebook has been thrown out; you need to rethink denim as not just being a pair of jeans, but about being a pair of trousers in a slightly different, really wearable, flexible and versatile way, so there’s no reason why a pair of straight leg jeans couldn’t be worn for work.

If you work in a very corporate environment clearly that’s not going to work, but there’s absolutely no reason why it couldn’t be worn with a blazer, shirt and a pair of heels.

Has denim always been an important part of your wardrobe?

One thing that I coveted but couldn’t afford as I was a poor student, was an embroidered jacket, so we’re talking in the 90s. I took it upon myself to embroider my own – I’ve still got the scars on my fingers to prove it! but it was incredible and I absolutely loved it! So yes, and it’s the versatility of it that I think is key these days as opposed to it just being a Saturday relaxed, dressed down piece of your wardrobe.

Let’s talk about your personal style – which jeans do you usually opt for when piecing together your outfit?

I like to stick with the classics so I’m a blue denim Jeanie! I also adore black. White denim again, forget your Liz Hurley; white denim should be embraced by everybody.


Kat Farmer Second Outfit


What is it that you love about denim?

It’s not just a pair of jeans anymore, it is so much more than that; it is the basis to my wardrobe. I do wear jeans to dress down, I do wear them to dress up, I have them in different shapes, I have them in different washes. If we’re only talking about blue denim, there are so many different washes that the opportunity to find a pair that you love is just limitless.

“I wouldn’t start with the jeans themselves, I’d start with the rest of the outfit.”

What’s different about Mint Velvet jeans?

My faves are the skinny jeans –they have that amazing fit and amazing stretch and, if you’re tall like me or petite, they do them in three lengths which is SO rare for a really good fitting pair of jeans – it makes all the difference!

Who is your style icon?

It has to be Emmanuelle Alt – her dress down is most people’s ‘dressy dressy’! She can make a pair of jeans look like they belong on the catwalk, she’s incredible. What she can do with a blazer, a shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of heels…I could wear that forever.

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What advice would you give to somebody that might be struggling with denim?

I wouldn’t start with the jeans themselves, I’d start with the rest of the outfit. Think about the tops that you love wearing; if you love wearing a more fitted tee, I’d wear it with a looser pair of jeans. However, if you’re more into tunics and loose shirts, then skinnies are probably the way forward for you.

So I really think don’t look at that denim itself, but look at the piece of denim. Look at your wardrobe, your personal style, just go with what you feel most comfortable in and what works for you.

How do you decide which fit is right for you?

If you are a more corporate dresser and you like that preppy look, perhaps don’t go for a distressed pair; go for a straight cut, or a skinny cut but a pair that looks clean. If you are a more boho relaxed type, then clearly a boyfriend jean, a looser style.

If you love wearing trainers, you can wear any jeans. It’s about the jackets, it’s about the shirts. Think about your style generally and what style would fit.


Kat Farmer Third Outfit


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