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Island life with Vanessa Breuer

We think we’ve found a new life muse in the form of Vanessa Breuer – the down-to-earth star of our summer shoot. We caught up with the model, mum and world wanderer to talk life in Ibiza, family, food and ever-evolving personal style.



You’re German born, but have spent plenty of time jet-setting around the world – now living in Ibiza. Where in the world do you feel most at home?

“Ibiza! I never really felt like I was at home anywhere else before. Ultimately, it’s because my family is there now; wherever they are I feel at home.”

What’s the best bit about raising your two daughters in Ibiza?

I feel very safe there and I can let my children be children. They can run around in nature, swim in the ocean and be ‘wild and free’. The island is fairly small so you get to know people quickly; the expats especially stick together and help each other when in need. I feel like we have a good network now. Also Spanish people are very child friendly, I never feel like my kids bother anyone in shops or restaurants. People always have a lovely smile and usually give the children attention. It’s a nice way of growing up.

“I feel very safe [in Ibiza] and I can let my children be children. They can run around in nature, swim in the ocean and be ‘wild and free’.”


What are the best things your daughters have taught you?

Patience and unconditional love.

Nutrition is a huge passion of yours. Can you tell us a bit more about
how you got into it?

When I was 24 I had a really serious kidney infection. It was my second one, so the doctors warned me that it couldn’t happen again. I suddenly realised that if I didn’t take care of myself no one else would. So I started to read more about nutrition and how to heal our body naturally. I enrolled in the Bauman College in Berkeley, California, to be trained as a ‘therapeutic chef’. The course combined my knowledge of nutrition with my passion for cooking.

“I suddenly realised that if I didn’t take care of myself no one else would.”


How do you find balance in a busy life?

Before I had my children I meditated every day. Somehow I stopped that when I had them, but
I recently picked it up again. I have been so busy and I’ve realised I am not Super Woman after all; the traveling, working and being a full-time mother when I am at home has its effects on my health. I don’t sleep very well when I am traveling, so the sleep deprivation is the main cause for my troubles. Once I come home I feel instantly very grounded. Where we live we are quite isolated so it’s very peaceful, and after just five minutes there I feel more balanced.

Has your style changed since living in Ibiza?

Yes, totally. I was living in New York before so my style was more: black jeans, leather jacket and boots. Now, I love nothing more than flowy dresses and comfortable clothes. I don’t own an iron or have a dry cleaner anywhere near so everything has to be practical.


Vanessa’s Ibiza Edit

The Look
“These brown trousers with the white top make a super-stylish but comfortable casual look.”

The Cute Cafe
“Giri Cafe is a gorgeous spot for a nice breakfast with the family”

The Market
“Sunday markets in Sant Joan are a must when you visit the island. They run all year round.”


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