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We Are Women | The Podcast 07

The Good Life

Hosted by Viv Groskop 

Author- Viv Groskop

This episode of WE ARE WOMEN looks at the idea of THE GOOD LIFE, exploring the ingredients that go into a good life and the obstacles big and small that get in the way.

Listen to our host Viv Groskop speak with writer and comedian Sara Pascoe, food writer and entrepreneur Brontë Aurell, and the sex writer and educator Alix Fox, as well as studio guest, award-winning journalist, Elizabeth Day.




Sara Pasco

Sara Pascoe

Comedian and Author


The importance of a relationship in the good life…

…depends on how healthy the relationship is – so many relationships can be toxic and can make your life a lot harder. So that is the first thing; your relationship with yourself in terms of a wholeness in that sense. Then you tend to have better relationships in general and are better at setting boundaries or realising when people are taking too much from you. It all emanates from the relationship with you.

Ingredients for a good life

There are tiny things you need to allow yourself – any kind of luxury. I got into marmalade recently – there is something about it that is so decadent, and it is just really orange jam. But there is something about those tiny pleasures of taking 5 minutes for oneself.

Brontë Aurell

Brontë Aurell

Food Writer and Entrepreneur


The world’s obsession of the Scandi mind-set

If I were to say one word it would be “Simplicity”. Scandinavians like things to be simple and straight-forward. In these busy times, I think we all long for a bit of simplicity in our lives and a few rules maybe as well.

The definition of a good life

There are so many things that make up a good life…. time to be, time to reflect and time to be with your family and those you love has to be number one. You also need time to reflect, to be yourself and Hygge, the feeling you have when you appreciate the moment when you are in it.

For more on our Hygge and our MV interview with Bronte read here.

Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day

Journalist and Author


On pitching her first column at the age of 12

As a child, I had more confidence in myself, as I had been less knocked about by life. I grew up knowing I wanted to write. I met a real life journalist and she advised me that the best thing I could do is get experience. I took this very literally and wrote to editors at the local papers saying “what you really need is a children’s columnist”, and an editor actually wrote to me saying “that is a very interesting idea, why don’t you come and meet me?”

My mother had to drive me and take me to this man’s house. He was lovely and gave me a chance, and from the age of 12, I had a fortnightly column for about a year.

Sense of Achievement

My sense of achievement comes from the fact that I rent my own one-bedroom apartment and I have done that through my own work and words I write. It is a culmination of two things, being a professional writer and also to have a place I can feel safe and call my own.

Alix Fox

Alix Fox

Sex Writer & Educator


On her recent discovery

I have this pink satin bomber jacket with text reading “I don’t care”. I bought this because I recently discovered the power of saying no and setting boundaries. I hope I am a very empathetic and compassionate person, but lately, I have learnt that sometimes you need to put your foot down.

Choosing what to wear

Whenever I am choosing things to wear I look for something that has a visual sense of humour or something innovative about it, in terms of the fabric and technology used to manufacture it, if it makes an ethical or political statement. I think clothes can really speak volumes very instantly. I genuinely dress in the way I feel comfortable and reflects my personality.

The elements in life for it to feel good

Friendship – material things be damned! It’s the people you need most. And also as I am Northern it would be the simplest joy in a cup of tea. The smell of the tea is so comforting to me!


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