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We Are Women | Rosie Underwood

Rosie Underwood

Sian Pilkington

Sian Pilkington



Fashion and Beauty Director at OK Magazine, yoga teacher and surf fanatic – Rosie Underwood talks to us about fusing the fast-paced fashion world with a balanced and grounded lifestyle…


Rosie Underwood


How did you get into the world of fashion & beauty?

I followed my mum and my sister –  they were the ones who were way more into it, and I was always in the sea – a right outdoorsy kid. They used to buy Vogue religiously, Jessie was always drawing from it, and it was always on our coffee table so I’d flick through it. The thing I love about fashion and beauty, as clichéd as it sounds, is making other people feel their best selves.

Fashion, Beauty or both?

They come hand in hand and it surprises me that there aren’t more people out there who do both. Quite often on the catwalk the beauty trends follow the fashion. I don’t understand how people can’t do both; if you can’t primarily look after your body and your skin, you’re not going to look good in anything you wear.

What are your career highs?

Getting to travel the world to see and experience places I didn’t ever know I would discover. Every job is an adventure in that respect. It’s also a lot about the people. There are models, photographers and hair and make-up artists that I’ve pretty much grown up next to in this industry and, who over the years, have become like family to me. I quite often finish shoots and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard! How lucky is that!? When it comes to producing shots and stories, I love making the ideas I have in my head come to life in front of me. I’ll never get bored of that. Visualising is so important and I’m lucky I get to put it into practice so often. It’s all about manifesting!


Rosie Underwood


If you could work or shoot with anyone or anything in the world what would that be?

I’d love to do a big campaign for sustainable fashion and beauty brands that would go out to the masses. Be seen on the right kind of people. Not necessarily the world famous celebrities but people with the right following so that consumers are buying the right thing, their buying less and choosing better. I’d love to do a project where I could push the right message out in an amazing location.

How do you find balance?

With technology advancing so fast, I’ve noticed that being busy is some kind of a badge of honour as a result. The hustle of the city really inspires me, if you work hard in London it gives back tenfold, but it’s so important for me to get in the sea and on cliff tops, or else I’m no good to anyone – those elements charge me. I give myself that space and time for my yoga practice and meditation, as a result I deliver a much better job. I work hard and play hard. I’d be cheating myself and the people around me if I didn’t. You’ve got to show yourself a good time!


Rosie & Jessie Underwood


Who inspires you?

Jessie (Rosie’s sister – read her interview here) – she paved the way for me, our parents, and my yoga teacher, Mercedes Ngoh.

If you could give advice to another woman, what would it be?

Set yourself a clear goal but expect the parameters to change and move with those parameters. Make sure you set yourself small goals along the way, because when you achieve them it reaffirms your faith in success. And just be kind to everyone, you never know what they’re going through.



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