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Jam Jar Posies

by Carrie Fry

This month the writer and photographer, Carrie Fry, joins us with some fresh flower inspiration in the form of DIY Jam Jar Posies. It’s time to get creative!



After becoming frustrated with the price and the (lack of) longevity of shop bought bunches, I started making my own. It’s become my Sunday ritual to visit the florist and come away with a messy bouquet of individually chosen stems, and then spend the afternoon trimming and arranging them.

Flowers brighten even the greyest of days, transforming
the dullest of rooms into welcoming spaces

Flowers in jam jars evoke long summer days of gathering blooms and blossom, placing them on sunlit windowsills and enjoying them all the more as you’ve made them yourself. They are relaxed and fun, and a sweet yet personal gift for a friend or neighbour.

Adding special touches, different textures and colours can make them look so much more natural too, making it possible to feel like your home is full of wildflowers, even if you live in the middle of a city.

You can of course buy a pre-arranged bouquet and separate it out, but I think it’s far more fun – and satisfying – to go and select the individual parts to arrange yourself.

There are four components to a simple, yet pretty posy:

1. A green base – something leafy is ideal, and 2 stems cut up works well. Eucalyptus is lovely here as you get a little bit of fragrance too.

2. Next I always use gypsophila, 2 stems will do. It adds a touch of green while providing the prettiest spray of tiny white flowers – the delicate little heads look like lace dotted around the bunch.

3. The last two features are flowers. When choosing, go for something that will provide a large amount of blooms on one stem. One small bunch can go a long way, something like carnations & chrysanthemums offer a lot of flowers from just one stem. I add something neutral like white carnations, which add texture and volume to the bunch without being too overbearing.

4. The last piece is always as a pop of colour. I try and pick whatever is in season and looks the prettiest, in this case it was these lovely peachy orange chrysanthemums. Four stems produced enough florets to fill four posies so I was able to add in lots of flowers, though this can work with one statement flower, like purple stocks or a bright, striking rose.

Lay out your jam jars (candle glasses or even drinking glasses will work too, whatever you have laying around that can hold them), and trim all your stems down into pieces long enough to sit inside the jars.

Fill the jars with water and flower feed if you have it, and then piece by piece, start filling them. I start with the greenery, then add the gypsophilia, and then place in the flower stems and try and evenly disperse them around.

If you have multiple colours in your posy, try to alternate them.

This method makes four jars, enough to fill a room with colour or spread them around the house, and also work beautifully as centrepieces if you’re hosting an event. Give one to a friend or keep them all to treat yourself, and enjoy a home in bloom.


Carrie is a writer and photographer based in Brighton, UK, who chronicles her life and adventures on her lifestyle blog.
twitter: @onepleasantday
instagram: @onepleasantday

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