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Star Gazing Mint Velvet

Star Gazing

by Marissa Whittle

Marissa Whittle Mint Velvet

Whilst we still have these warm Summer nights why not take a moment to get outside and look up. Tuning out of the distractions of technology has far reaching effects, so why not gaze in wonder at the stars above and take a much needed break.

Mark Thompson of A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos says the most exciting part, when starting to learn about the sky, is when we begin to realise our place in this great universe.

“In many ways, the journey of understanding the Universe has also been a journey in understanding our place in it”

Mark Thompson.

Star gazing gives an awe-inspiring view of the world and our journey in it, it helps gain a deeper perspective on our trials, tribulations and achievements. Pushing us to think creatively, dream bigger and strive for more.

“I know nothing with any certainty but the sights of the stars make me dream”

Vincent van Gogh.

Star Gazing Mint Velvet
Constellations Mint Velvet

The stars this time of year set a little earlier every night, granting us different views of the night’s sky. Here’s what you can expect to see when looking up this August:

  • Pegasus (the winged horse) the largest and brightest constellation in this month’s night sky. Deemed the most erratic of stars in its behavior; brightening and fading on a few occasions.
  • Constellations to look out for this time of year include Equuleus (looks like a little horse) and Delphinus (looks like a misshapen number 9).
  • Expect to see Saturn, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter throughout the month.
  • Fancy seeing a meteor display? Pay close attention to Cygnus famous for its August showers.

Like the sky, the events of life often don’t make sense, but the art of stepping back, and gaining a bigger picture of it all, helps put events into perspective. Just like the constellations linking up all the stars, patterns form in our life and the questions we have, such as why things happen, why we experienced a hard time, or a time you were unsure of a particular decision – will all start to make sense.

We wish you all happy star gazing!

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