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Wardrobe Organisation

There has never been a better time to get to know the contents of your wardrobe. How often do we condemn something to the back (or worse, shoved in the corner on the floor) without giving it a second thought? With more and more of us opting to buy less and buy better, understanding what you have and therefore what you need is key. So, Mint Velvet co-Founder and self-confessed organisation fanatic, Lisa, gives us her top tips for pristine wardrobe organisation.

You need to be able to see everything

We might not all be blessed with a walk-in wardrobe or even one that we don’t have to share with someone else, but you can make the space you do have work for you. If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it, so you need to get to a point when you can view your entire collection.

Store items you don’t need now

Think about what season it is – once the weather warms up, put your coats and heavier layers somewhere else. Utilise under the bed space, spare bedrooms, lofts etc. to keep them out of sight whilst you don’t need them.


Get all your clothes out and decide what you want to keep, what you want to store, and what you want to giveaway. Be ruthless; if you haven’t worn something for more than a few years or it really doesn’t fit, suit or flatter you, it’s probably time to go. If you’re just not sure, put them in a storage area with a note saying “to review in 2021” or similar, so that you make sure you check in next year to see if you really want it. Share unwanted items with friends (we love a clothes swap), or donate them to charity so they get a new lease of life. Don’t forget we offer a service where you can donate your unwanted items to charity. Click here for more details.

To hang or not to hang

Consider how much hanging to flat space you have for the storage you have available. Some items can only be stored hanging, so prioritise those first when adding things back to your wardrobe. The rest can be stored in drawers. If you have the space, try and hang items like trousers full length to avoid creasing. Slim line hangers are a great way of saving space in your wardrobe.

Coordination, coordination, coordination

It’s always best to hang your wardrobe by colour e.g. put all the light colours together. Within that then organise by sleeve / hem length. Keep prints together as well. It also helps to show you when you have more of one of the same type of thing.

The folding technique

When folding trousers, simply fold in half with the ankle cuff touching the waist. Then fold one edge into the centre and the other side over, so it creates an envelope that will stack neatly on edge.

T-shirts, sweats and knitwear can all be folded in a similar way. Flip them over so the front is facing away, then fold in the sides whilst trying to maintain a straight edge with a small amount of shoulder left visible. Then fold the sleeves in and then fold twice – up on itself and then the top to meet the fold.

Hoodies are trickier to fold, due to the bulky hood, so start by flipping onto reverse and pulling hood out. Fold in the sides to the width of the hood and fold the sleeves down. Flip the bottom edge up to meet the bottom of the hood, take the hood and turn it inside on itself, wrap the sweatshirt into it, and then pull the strings to keep it altogether.

Jewellery and accessories

Glass boxes are a great way to keep your fine jewellery and prevent them from getting tangled. If you have dust bags available, put your favourite belts and bags in these to keep them in good condition, and store footwear in boxes on dust free drawers.


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