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Easy Reads

by Francesca Stainer 

Francesca Stainer

The summer sun calls for lazy days, chilled drinks and easy reads. This month we have compiled the best books to accompany you through the long, leisurely summer days, with everything from heartache to thrilling page turners.

All at Sea


All At Sea

By Decca Aitkenhead

Decca Aitkenhead has created a perfect summer read, transporting us to a beautiful beach in Jamaica where her life changed forever. Her four-year-old son is paddling at the water’s edge when a wave takes him out to sea and her partner, Tony, tragically drowns as a result of saving his life. Aitkenhead takes us on a journey from the couple’s young improbable love, exploring race and redemption, through a remarkable story of love and loss. For an inspiring and powerful read, All At Sea gives you all the goose bumps and heartache you’ll need.

Publisher: Harper Collins

Ashes To Ashes

By Paul Finch

As a former cop, Paul Finch has his finger on the pulse of heart racing crime thriller novels, and Ashes To Ashes will have you hooked. The main character, John Sagan, is a torturer for hire, and has mutilated and terrorised countless victims with DS Marck Heckenburg close on his trail. With danger, intrigue and mystery you will be on the edge of your seat until the final page. This book is perfect if you are looking for a gripping read to add some excitement to lazy summer days.

Publisher: Harper Collins

Ashes to Ashes


A Mother's Sacrifice

A Mother’s Sacrifice

By Kitty Neale

When Harry has beaten his wife so badly that she has ended up in hospital, Glenda Jenkins runs away with the kind hospital porter who offers her a lifeline, but at the cost of leaving behind her son Johnnie. Safely on the coast of Kent, in the life she has always dreamed of, Glenda begins to wonder if she will ever see Johnnie again, and fears Harry may not be as far away as she hoped. This tale of heartbreak, hope and family is powerful and moving and a must read on a relaxing summer’s afternoon.

Publisher: Harper Collins

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