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Book Club | I Can

I Can

This week in MV Book Club we focus on the importance of self-confidence, and realising how great we are in a society where pressure is amplified and we have hundreds of things to do. The concept of taking time out for ourselves has become so alien, so when you do so we’d recommend having a sit down with a cup of tea and these top reads, written by our lovely guests on Podcast 09.


The Four Tendencies
Gretchen Rubin

Have you ever wondered about why we do the things we do, or perhaps don’t do? Or maybe you find it intriguing that we all face similar expectations, yet we all react differently? Best-selling author and podcast co-host Gretchen Rubin abandons the stereotypical “one prescription fits all” theory, and reveals the answers we’ve been looking for. Rubin suggests that by discovering your tendency, (Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and Rebels), this provides lasting insight into your personality and can show you the best ways to excel at decision making in a way tailored to suit you; because let’s face it, aren’t we more successful when we know what works for us? If you want to forget what works for other people and focus on yourself, understand your Tendency and watch your self-confidence blossom; an absolute must-read for 2018.

Publisher: Two Roads


The Vertue Method: A stronger, fitter, healthier you – in 28 days
Shona Vertue

Feeling a little out of place in the gym and searching for that focus we need to train, we’ve all been there. Yoga teacher and ex gymnast Shona Vertue approaches fitness with this in mind with her three-in-one method which has one aim – to boost confidence and carve out the body shape that you want. While her programme includes lifting, lengthening, nourishing (and lots of tasty recipes), Shona also emphasises the importance of meditation to relax an anxious mind. Having had praise from David Beckham, her 28 day plan is a must do.

Publisher: Yellow Kite


How to Be a Grown Up
Daisy Buchanan

Have you ever felt like you’re drowning in a sea of anxiety and responsibilities when society is telling you that you should really have your act together? Daisy Buchanan has, and her poignantly funny anecdotes and experience give you an insight into how we should navigate those difficult times in our lives; particularly our twenties, the first baby steps into adulthood. From building up your confidence levels, to dealing with work pressure, sometimes we do just need someone to remind us how great we are, and that we’re doing a good job – Daisy is exactly that.

Publisher: Headline

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