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Book Club | The Year of You

The Year of You

So it’s officially 2018, welcome to the year of you.

Here at Mint Velvet, we want to focus your attention on the beauty of you and your journey, and recognise that being in tune with your emotions and also being practical in light of the New Year is a requirement.

We have carefully selected our top 3 reads for the New Year, and we know that you will love these just as much as us.



The Sun & Her Flowers
Rupi Kaur

The long anticipated release after best-selling Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur injects raw emotion into short emphatic bursts of poetry, candidly focusing on the love in all its different forms – even those most undesirable. From ‘wilting’ and ‘falling’, to ‘rising’ and ‘blooming’, The Sun & Her Flowers is a breath of fresh air, embracing all of our emotions and reinforcing that it is ok not to be ok, and self-acceptance is integral. Filled with illustrations by Kaur herself, this poignant masterpiece is a must-read.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster


First, we make the beast beautiful
Sarah Wilson

Gracing shelves in April this year, former editor of Cosmopolitan Sarah Wilson’s candid take on anxiety offers an alternative perspective infused with appropriate humour. Tackling the taboo subject, Wilson seeks to normalise the issue, questioning whether we can rework this complex and life altering illness into something of beauty. The antithesis of the typical coping book, Wilson brings a fresh approach to an important subject, and we love it.

Publisher: Penguin Random House


The Little Book of Life Hacks
Yumi Sakugawa

If you’ve ever wondered on surprising uses for Nutella, or how to throw the perfect apartment party on a budget, this book is definitely worthy of a place on your bookshelf. Riddled with bright illustrations and ingenious tips that would never cross our minds, Yumi Sakugawa breathes a new lease of organisation into our forever busy lives.

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

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