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How to care for your bags

People say that “a woman’s bag is a window into her soul” – we probably wouldn’t go that far, but it’s definitely one of the hardest working pieces in our wardrobe. Whether you’re more of a tote person or obsessed with cross-body styles, looking after your bags is the best way to keep them looking their best for longer. Keep reading to discover our cleaning, maintenance and storage tips.

We use a range of different fabrics for our bags depending on the season or the latest trends – as always, it’s important to read the care label as our instructions and recommendations may differ depending on the style.


For suede, leather and canvas bags, we recommend using a specialist protective spray. This can help prevent water marks and protects the surface from stains.

Cleaning & drying

Most of our bags are “wipe clean only”, which basically means using a clean damp cloth to gently clean away any dirt. Should yours get wet, we recommend air drying it on a flat surface, away from direct heat or sunlight. For suede bags, use a suede brush and a lint roller to remove any dust.


We always advise against storing your bags hanging as this can distort the shape of the handles.

Instead, stuff your bags with soft materials (we sometimes like to use out-of-season scarves or shawls for this), tissue or newspaper to help keep their shape whilst in storage.

Bags should be stored in a dust bag (avoid plastic bags as the air won’t be able to circulate, which can trap bacteria and cause mould). Top tip – If you don’t have a dust bag large enough for your bag, a pillow case will work just as well.


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