Our #MVInsiders do the Great British Beach Clean

Join our #MVInsiders for this year’s Great British Beach Clean! Running from 18-25th September, it’s one of the many initiatives spearheaded by the Marine Conservation Society to tackle ocean pollution.

The Marine Conservation Society is an organisation made up of scientists, campaigners, volunteers, advocates, data experts, fundraisers, divers and researchers, all passionate about creating a sustainable future for our seas. It was founded in 1977 and has been campaigning for the conservation of marine life ever since – at MV, we feel so close to its values and have been working with it for the past couple of years.

The Great British Beach Clean is one of the charity’s most popular initiatives. Over the past 26 years, its volunteers have managed to pick up a whopping 319 tonnes of litter – only last year, nearly 11,000 volunteers took part! But this September, the event is bound to look a little different. Rather than encouraging you to join a big beach clean near you, the MCS is asking individuals to adopt a 100m stretch of beach and organise your own mini beach clean with smaller groups of friends, family and ‘bubbles’ in accordance with government guidelines.

Did you know? 80% of litter on the UK’s beaches comes from inland, travelling from our parks, rivers and streets.

At Mint Velvet, we’ve asked all our Head Office employees in Buckinghamshire, as well as those working in stores across the UK, to take part with their families and friends. We’re not all based near the coast, but since 80% of litter on the UK’s beaches comes from inland (travelling from our parks, rivers and streets), any litter collected in and around our green areas or public spaces will help to keep our oceans a little cleaner.