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Hygge Feature



By Theo Beckett

Theo Author

Pronounced “HUE-gah”

The Danish art of building a sanctuary of cosiness, stirring the senses and enjoying the simple things in life.

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It’s said that the word derives from Old Norse, the language of the Vikings and was used most often to describe the feeling of finding shelter after a long day in the unforgiving Danish cold.

Today, Denmark regularly ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world, with a welfare system that takes care of the basics in life, leaving people less stressed and with more time to enjoy the simple things in life.

This is reflected in the meaning of Hygge, which, since the days of the Viking has come to mean much more, symbolising everything from a warm bath on a cold day to an evening in with your most loved.


Hygge Slippers

Getting some Hygge into your life can be as simple as re-defining your everyday experiences.

A lazy Sunday morning as you take your first sip of coffee, lounging around in your favourite pyjamas or inviting your most loved over for a simple and delicious dinner and sharing stories and laughter – that’s all Hygge.

Hygge is also about changing out of your stiff work clothes and into something comfortable and cosy after a long day. It can be as simple as popping on some soft socks and a sumptuously soft cashmere knit. Top it all off by lighting a candle, putting some good music on, and tucking into a warming meal.

By defining these simple experiences as Hygge allows us to appreciate their importance.

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